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What Is White hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a set of actions carried out ethically to position websites organically (without paying search engines). These are opposite activities to Black Hat SEO, which are not suitable for both search engines and user experience.

A part of the “white hat” terminology, also called ethical SEO, refers to optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics that focus on a human audience while fully following search engine rules and policies. For example, a website optimized for search engines with white hat SEO focuses on relevance, user experience, content quality, UX design, and site loading speed.

White Hat SEO  is frequently used by those who intend to make a medium and long-term investment in their website.


White Hat SEO will position a web page with certain keywords and searches, but what differs from Black Hat is how it is carried out; the first use “legal” tactics in the eyes of search engines, always keeping users in mind. In addition to making the source code of the page easy to read for search engines, it also seeks to create interesting and attractive content to obtain links naturally; At the same time, the followers of Black Hat buy the links; they do not optimize the site or use strategies such as hidden links, excessive use of keywords, and invasive pop-ups, among others.

White Hat is developed with more laborious but natural techniques that focus on branding to attract traffic. Some examples of white hat techniques include using and analyzing keywords, building links to improve their popularity, the content was written for human readers, use of social networks and responsive design focused on the user experience, among others.


  • Create keyword pages with content of 1,500 to 2,000 words (the last requirement for Panda 4.1) and a theme consistent with the words you want to position. Yes, it matters that the web page is on the same theme as the one you want to position.
  • Friendly URLs that are short and easy to remember; they can even include the keyword.
  • Organize all the source code of a website so that it can make life easier for search engine spiders (or robots), which means that if you have an optimized page, this also helps a lot to improve download times and usability, etc
  • Another important point is to consider the competition to put aside the false expectations of the positions we can achieve and the time to achieve them. At this point, we must analyze how old those competitors are. Google does not consider those pages or domains that were just born; this engine likes that your page already has roots on the web. This symbolizes a serious and professional company, already with years of support.
  • In all cases, whoever has a web domain older than ours will have an advantage. But this doesn’t mean your new site won’t rank; If there is an SEO behind it, a professional company, such as Online Optimization, you will be able to move those pages, despite their age and whether they are in a higher position.
  • Get links. When we create quality content, we will inevitably share it. Whether on social networks, shared on other blogs, or in forums, the most important thing is that they are natural links; In the case of creating a strategy, it is important to look for authoritative and relevant websites to spread original and attractive content. Forget about buying links from farms, which offer you hundreds of links, as these are toxic and damage your website.


If you don’t participate in these strategies, you can get your site penalized and subsequently banned by Google and other search engines!

As the number one search engine that it is, Google logs millions of hits daily, and each one presents the opportunity for your page to be discovered by new users. Google is an undeniably powerful source of traffic for your website. If you get penalized by the search engine, it would mean a drastic drop in traffic, and worse, your site would be at risk of losing out on several business opportunities.

Consider all the work you’ve done to get your website to the rankings where you are now and think about the damage it would do to your business to be penalized by the search engines. If your website is penalized by Google, it is not guaranteed to rank again within their searches. Suppose you do not respect the “white hat” guidelines. In that case, you could be sent to the “SANDBOX,” where Google penalizes and blocks you. You do not appear in any search. This would take away the opportunity to attract qualified traffic and generate important sales for your company.

Why take such an unreasonable risk? If you don’t have time to study and implement these White Hat SEO strategies for your website, come to optimization Online, the leading digital marketing company specializing in SEO in Bihar, Patna. Surely we can help you achieve the success of visibility, conversion, and ROI necessary for your company. Contact us, and one of our consultants will advise you.

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