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8 Best Ideas To Inspire You And Templates For Instagram

There are so many available templates fro Instagram but i’ll give me best templates for customizable designs, and since Instagram focuses on the visual, they are great allies! If you have a business with a presence on this platform but you know little about design, the templates for Instagram will help you take care of the aesthetics of your brand.

Many people discover businesses through Instagram. In fact, in Bihar, it is estimated that there are more than 36 million registered users, which makes this platform a great place to position your brand. This social network management has become more than a relevant factor in any marketing strategy.

If we had to name a key to selling on Instagram, it would be perseverance. On the one hand, it is about generating relevant and attractive content for your followers. On the other hand, each post and story is an opportunity to strengthen your brand identity and strengthen your community.

This goes for posts on your profile, covers for story highlights, reels, IGTV videos, etc.

It is one of the most chosen social networks to generate engagement, that is, interaction and commitment of the community with a certain product or service. As in this social network, the visual is always the protagonist; the image will be the tool to obtain the objectives you set for yourself.

In this article, we will focus on the visual identity of your account and, for that, we bring you a great ally: templates for Instagram.

What are templates for Instagram?

Instagram templates are pre-made post and story layouts with which you can create your content.

How is a pre-design going to serve you for your particular brand? Therein lies its main attraction: the templates are editable; that is, you can modify their colors, use the typography that most identifies you or change the words to match the voice and tone of your business.

Working with templates for your social networks will help you take care of the design and aesthetics of your brand. Also, exploring the endless variety of copyright-free images is a source of inspiration for types of content for Instagram.

The advantages of using templates

The designs for Instagram are very useful to be constant with publishing content without neglecting the quality. Its main advantages are:

  • They can be personalized and adapted.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • They help maintain a consistent design.
  • They give a professional look to your account.
  • They give you ideas of content to publish.
  • They allow you to create excellent publications without being a designer.

Have you already become a fan of templates for Instagram? Let’s meet them!

What to post on Instagram?: 8 great post ideas

Templates are an ace up your sleeve when creating images for your social networks. Now, let’s go to the tests! Get inspired by these 8 templates for Instagram and generate the best content.

1. Quote of the day

Quotes from a book, excerpts from a movie, sayings, famous phrases, or advice are good ways to get closer to your community.

The phrase of the day works very well to create closeness with the specific niche of your business. If your audience feels identified, they will likely share your content in their stories, comment on the publication or send it to their friends. All this is ideal for your account to grow!

Let’s take an example to understand it better. The frame design and the placement and size of the logo and phrases stay untouched in this article.

What we are editing in each publication are the phrase and its author. Keeping the rest, you create a pattern in your account that conveys the dynamic for your followers.

If you like this idea, we invite you to know these 52 phrases of entrepreneurs to always keep in mind the happiness and pride of launching and sustaining your own business.

2. New products

If you are selling products or services, your social networks are a powerful channel to announce any news. The designs for Instagram of “New product!” They grab your followers’ attention and motivate them to stay updated with your feed.

3. Thanks to the followers

Many times, it is a good idea to thank your followers. Whether you reached a certain number of followers, made your 100th sale, or the community participated in an event you organized, say thank you!

A thank you template along with your logo and a photo of your most popular product or team can be a great way to cultivate a close bond with your audience . These posts please the people who are following your content, strengthen identification with your brand and promote “word of mouth” recommendation.

Shall we go for more ideas of types of content for Instagram? This is just starting!

4. Promotions and offers

Did you launch an unmissable promotion? Did you upload an offer that your customers are going to love? It’s time for the whole world to know!

Search among the templates for Instagram the one you like the most and tell your followers what this irresistible promotion is about.

Using your social networks as a channel for disseminating news generates expectations in your community and encourages users to be more attentive to your publications. You won’t want to miss out on any scoop!

5. Weekend posts

If, after analyzing your audience, you identified that many users use their social networks more during the weekends, take the opportunity to empathize with them and approach them from a relaxed position.

Posts like Giveaways usually work well because they offer entertaining interaction dynamics. You can think of many types of content for Instagram that hit the key on days off.

6. Events or live broadcasts

If you are going to participate in an event or organize a live broadcast, invite your community to be part of it. Furthermore, if it is something you do regularly — for example, an Instagram lives every Thursday at 7 pm — Instagram layouts will be extremely useful.

It is enough to define the general pre-design and then modify only the sector that indicates the exact date week by week.

7. Latest Articles

Many brands develop capsule collections or promotions of a product “while supplies last. ” This design will function as a friendly “urgency” reminder, almost like advice to your followers, so they don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

8. “Keep calm” or memes.

In any brand communication strategy, the tone and voice of its target audience are analyzed. In other words, every business must be clear about how its customers communicate, what words they use, what interests they share, their tastes, etc.

Using the well-known “Keep calm and…” template or a meme that you know amuses your community and adapting the image to your brand or one of your products can be a good practice to strengthen the bond with your audience from a relaxed place.

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