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Gain visibility on Google when your customers are searching for your products or services.

The SEO is critical to the performance of a website. On average 60% of the visits come from search engine ranking , which in the long term ends up being much more economical and efficient than other actions, since you show your products or services in the search of your consumers. Don’t look for clients, make them find you. With SEO you will achieve it.
Some advantages of doing organic ranking :

It is more economical and profitable in the long term
SEO has a higher level of conversion
Improve the experience of your users because it must be oriented to give useful answers to their searches
It allows you to reach 70% of searches, which are those that stay on the first page of ranking results in Google .
You can reach 80% of the users of your products or services who search on Google before buying.

Web Ranking methodology

As an SEO agency we have defined methodologies and processes to improve the web ranking of our clients. This ensures that we can execute it efficiently and that the team in charge has precise functions depending on the stage of SEO we are in. Among these are:

-Identification of key words (Keywords) relevant to the business
-Website SEO audit
-Onpage SEO correction and optimization
-Generation of relevant link building links
-Monitoring and reports

Your SEO Agency in Patna

The local SEO is increasingly important for business again. This gives you greater visibility for searches close to your geographic location.
Businesses with a scope of coverage delimited by their location can apply this type of web ranking techniques. Sectors such as restaurants, schools, local businesses, etc. they have a great opportunity using local SEO ranking.

Some of the SEO points that we implement are:
-Registration in Google My Business and Google Maps
-Structured data markup with Schema standards
-Implementation of location sitemaps, etc.
-We customize actions whether you do SEO in Patna, SEO in India or SEO International in a timely manner.

SEO migration

Renewing your website also implies not losing the traffic that you have already earned, this is a point that is usually forgotten in the process. Failure to migrate your site correctly can directly affect your organic ranking, thereby losing visibility and the possibility of continuing to generate business opportunities from search engines.

During the migration process we consider the following actions:
-Identification of the main traffic generating URLs
-301 redirect generation
-Link profile review
-Internal binding fixes
-Identification of broken links

The best team of SEO consultants

We have a team with more than 8 years of experience in the development of Web Ranking Projects aimed at gaining visibility, generating leads or direct sales. Among the main scopes that our SEO consultants propose to increase qualified traffic are: