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What is a Landing Page? The Complete Guide

When the topic is the conversion of visitors to leads, the landing pages are one of the main ones responsible for this action: simple and elegant design, engaging content, and an irresistible offer.

Simple right?

Not so much.

Although the revenue of a good capture page seems relatively simple, there are some important points that you cannot forget. If you are looking for information to help you create the best possible landing page, you are right.

But before starting with the tips, we are going to take a tour of what a landing page is and other relevant information for the topic:

What is a landing page?

Landing pages are conversion pages to turn traffic into leads and leads into customers.

They are pages that allow visitor information capture by presenting an offer with a specific form and a call to action, CTA.

The main function of a  landing web page is to convince visitors to provide some personal information.

Among the most requested data are:

  • name
  • the email address
  • age

The data is requested in exchange for some digital material. Generally, these data provide when the person is interested in the digital content. Can offer this in the format of a digital book or a consultancy.

Therefore, there are some elements of extreme importance that every landing page must consider to increase the number of leads and customers.

What should be taken into account to create a landing page?


The first and most important aspect of landing pages is the form. For a page to be considered a website for conversion, it needs to contain elements that make monetization possible.

Through the form, the visitor, until then unknown, will be able to capture the information necessary for him to become a lead.

Due to its importance, it must be very carefully. Typically, forms with many fields turn off visitors.

Offers are essential in  Inbound Marketing, as they are original content produced by the company so that customers evolve in the purchase process.

In other words, when an offer is created, we are generating an opportunity for the visitor to learn more about the business and the benefits of the products or services.

Landing pages must have an interesting title, apart from considering the visual elements.

It is relevant to consider that the visitor will only offer their personal information when considering the exchange interesting and timely.

The title and the description must be attractive because the report is more of an opportunity to convince the visitor to acquire the content in exchange for their information.

Therefore, it is also necessary to use relevant and objective arguments. If a description is not sufficiently clear and accurate, likely, the visitor will not be interested in the content.

Consequently, the visitor may leave the conversion page without leaving any information. An interesting tip is to divide the content into “bullets” and topics.

Importance of landing pages

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The conversion page is used in digital marketing campaigns. They are landing pages displayed through search engines.

The main role of the landing page is to represent objectively, segment, and explain what the user is looking for.

It is an excellent communication tool to present what the company offers about its importance for products and services.

It allows people to directly get to know both the product and the service.

In addition, it can also cause a high conversion rate for the company by attracting more people, making them interact better with the site and the brand.

Consequently, the purchase of these services or products through virtual commerce is encouraged.

Its importance is also related to the capture of new forms.

Landing pages are created to collect personal information about users, such as name, email address, site, telephone, and other data that may use in the future in some marketing activities of the company.

The landing page receives a longer form than a direct sales page in this version.

It happens because this type of page includes custom fields that must be used to segment leads during the lead nurturing process.

At this stage, it is interesting to offer some added benefits such as access to classes, specific instruction guides, products as a free sample, etc.

There are social media landing pages, a strategy used by brands that actively interact with fans on social networks.

This resource is used to enhance the attractiveness and attract leads, thus increasing the probability of the public from social networks generating interest in your business.

How to use this resource?

Landing pages are super useful; for example, creating a landing page for Google Adwords campaigns is possible.

When advertising online in this giant, the landing page must be consistent with what is offered in the ad.

Even its level of quality needs to be consistent with the suitability of the page that captures information.

This type of page is also useful when an organization needs or wants to present its new product or service.

Presenting them is possible through the website or the specific domain with a powerful landing page.

Without a doubt, when the objective is this, it is worth considering how many times it has been filled.

Can include this activity in the group of activities to measure the results of online communication actions.

Landing pages are also used to get prospects. A prospector lead offers the project data on a specific person; that is, it enables the collection of information and creation of an ideal customer profile for the products or services that a company offers.

Depending on how the elements are organized, it is possible to generate a good or bad conversion. That is why it is so important to consider tips on landing pages.

Now yes:

8 tips for creating landing pages

1. Creating the landing page 

To help the conversions of your landing page, some factors must be taken into account when optimizing them. Don’t be afraid of  SEO; it’s your best friend now.

  • Define the keyword: it should certainly be related to your advertising offer. Use a long tail (longer and more complete keywords). These will lead to content for interested people.
  • Use this keyword in the page title, URL, and landing page.
  • Must distribute a keyword and its variations throughout the page’s content.

This optimization for SEO will help improve this performance and, consequently, better conversion.

2. Use visual elements

Relevant images and videos are the main ones responsible for each completed conversion.

Followed by the content, these elements are the most important point of a conversion page, so keep them in mind.

3. Remove links and navigation buttons.

adcordtex sponsord links

On your landing page, you should have only one objective: conversion.

Remove any external links or navigation buttons other than your Call-to-Action. The only area that needs to have a redirect is the button to finish the conversion.

The rest will serve only to distract from the focus that matters.

4. Show the benefits of the offer.

Regardless of the goal of that landing page, you are aiming to create a piece of content that is extremely engaging.

It doesn’t matter if you’re advertising the best ebook in the universe on how to be a millionaire or a collection of 100 photos of pets. The content of your landing page should be as important as your offer.

As we mentioned before, it is largely responsible for the conversion. Prepare something that will motivate the person to fill out the form and have access to the offer.

5. Be careful with the size of the form.

Take special care with the length of the form. Request only information that is relevant to you. It can disrupt your conversions if it’s too long.

If you have doubts, know the most recommended fields for a primary campaign: email and name.

As simple as that.

6. Include a call to action

11.05.19 Hero1111

There are only a few steps left for the conversion to be complete: fill out the form and click on the CTA (call-to-action).

Your CTA can be a phrase or a button that will be the final step of the conversion. It should be the most prominent area of ​​the entire landing page. Use strong colors that contrast with all the other elements on the page.

When thinking about the text, be aggressive. “Download Now,” “download,” or “free ebook” are some examples that show the strength that the call-to-action must have on the visitor.

7. Do not make grammatical errors.

When we talk about a landing page that converts, there are some things that we can guarantee. One of them is related to grammar. Do not make typing, writing, or consistency errors.

This capture page is the gateway to new readers of your content or customers to your service or product.

To establish yourself in a position of authority, having grammar errors ends your chance of gaining respect and admiration.

8. Tests

You reached the end of the list, and the last tip: try until you get tired. Unfortunately, no magic recipe teaches you how to create capture pages that guarantee conversions.

Must test all the elements of a landing page to see which one works best: position, format, colors, and images.

The more tests you do, the closer you are to creating a perfect landing page.

By following the tips we present to you, you will be ready to create a landing page that converts. Do not forget any point and surely the results will show. Remember the last tip; the tests are your best ally in the search to increase the conversion. 

Would you like to know a landing page with text and calls to action?

Go to the next one: Marketing Routines. I invite you to download the guide; it will be very useful.

Tools to create landing pages

If you want to create a landing page and transform it into a  lead capture machine, you must use good tools. On that, we separate two unbeatable resources for those who want to make a page as it should:


This tool is fantastic for ensuring that visitors stay on the page.

One of the positive aspects of Unbounce is that most of its functions are drag and drop. Thus, it has become an easy-to-use tool for everyone.

Lead Pages

SqueezeGrowth Leadpages demo tutorial featured img 1536x717 1

Most of the big bloggers use this software to create the landing page. A basic plan, both price and resources, is extremely usable and provides interesting resources. Already the higher-level programs offer access to more advanced help.

Do you have any other tips or any other information relevant to the topic of the landing pages? Leave it here in the comments and tell us about the results obtained with your landing page.

Also, learn about Thank You Pages, another type of landing page that will ensure you receive real leads.

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