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4 top strategies to succeed with Influencer Marketing

That is why Influencer Marketing has become a TOP trend in digital marketing, and today, I will teach you 4 strategies for your Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

What is Influencer Marketing?

It creates collaborations between brands and prominent people on social networks/influencers. This strategy effectively publicizes your products, reaches more people, and generates trust in your brand

This post will tell you everything you need to know to choose influencers and create strategies to maximize your results.

Surely you have seen that many brands use influencers to promote their products, and you have already noticed that this strategy usually generates very positive results. 

But, if you’re new to influencer marketing, you may not know where to start. 

Don’t worry, be happy; I will tell you everything here, everything.

How to choose the right influencer for your brand?


The first step is to choose the right influencer, and for this, we have to understand what influencers are

It seems a bit obvious to say that influencers are popular people on social networks. But, the really interesting thing is to think about where the influencers come from. 

Before social networks, fame was related to television, cinema, and music. But it was a space that very few could reach. Instead, influencers are now “everyday” people who rose to fame through social media influencers, something anyone could do.

It is key when thinking about your influencer marketing strategy. People see influencers as role models, but they also see ordinary, attainable people. It makes them very credible to their audience. The recommendations that influencers give you are almost like those of your BBF.

That is why you have to make sure you get the right collaborations to achieve the maximum performance of your strategy, generate trust in your brand, and so that the unions are genuine.

Choose influencers with similar audiences to your brand  


Influencers have achieved fame by creating communities with common interests from their content on social networks. 

It means that influencers have defined audiences. And do you know what is the most important thing of all when choosing an influencer? Your audience fits with your target audience, so you make sure that the message will reach people who may be interested in your company. 

So keep in mind that it’s not just the size of the audience that matters. No sir! It is useless to get an influencer with millions of followers if those followers are not interested in your product.

For example, if your company is healthy food, a technology influencer is probably not the best option to promote your brand. Maybe it’s better to find someone who talks about fitness or some foody. 

However, the relationship does not always have to be so obvious. People often have several complementary interests. 

Analyze where your influencer is relevant

Whenever you do influencer marketing, keep in mind that the influencers you choose can effectively reach the local audience your campaign is focused on

Before choosing, think that influencers will always have a greater impact on local people. So, think about where the influencer is to know if where they will generate the greatest impact coincides with the objectives of your campaign.  

The same goes for digital presence. That is why you should also analyze which social networks the influencers have an impact on to determine if this coincides with your target audience.

Choose the size of the influencer type

What? Are there types of influencers?

Yes, the types of influencers are defined by the number of followers they have. Someone with 1,000 followers is not the same as someone with more than a million. 

Influencers are classified as follows: 

  • Nano: 1K-5K
  • Micro: 5K-20K
  • Mid-tier: 20K – 100K
  • Macro: 100K – 1M
  • Celebrities: 1M+

So, the more followers, the better?

Well, not necessarily. 

A Macro influencer can help you reach a much larger audience, but this reach can be less effective. For example, if a macro influencer recommends a brand with a national or local distance.

In addition, the engagement of smaller influencers is higher since they are closer to their audience, as the HypeAuditor report showed.

It is why most brands look to work with Micro-influencers. 

So, when choosing an influencer, you have to think about your goals, and once you have them clear, it will be easier to select the type of influencer that fits your strategy.

Keep in mind the reputation of the influencer 

The reputation of the content creator must be aligned with that of your brand. It may be the most important factor when choosing an influencer.

Think that the influencer will be a representative of your brand. Therefore it must be someone trustworthy both for you and for your audience. 

Here are some green flags that will help you choose: 

  • He is interested in your product before accepting the contribution: This is a sign that his collaborations are authentic, which guarantees that he will have the credibility of his audience. We don’t want them only to love us for the money.
  • Knows how to sell themselves as an influencer: When an influencer professionally presents themselves and knows how to sell their work, they demonstrate professionalism and experience.
  • Use varied promotion strategies: A good influencer should be proactive; they should present proposals for varied strategies that allow them to reach various audiences.
  • It has good engagement: Influencer engagement is where it is at true value, even more so than the number of followers.

Now you may be wondering: where do I find these influencers? 

There are many tools to search for influencers. In this post, we recommend 8 very top. 

Now that we know how to choose influencers, it’s time to think about strategies. Here we go!

4 strategies that do not fail for your influencer marketing campaigns  


1. Create Authentic Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

Influencer marketing is so effective because we feel that the recommendations that these people make us are authentic; it is as if they were recommended to us by a colleague.  

So our goal when creating a partnership with an influencer should be to build trust with the audience. 

Here are some tips to make your influencer marketing campaigns more authentic:

  • Working with micro-influencers, they are usually very close to their audience, making their recommendations very credible.
  • Give influencers creative freedom. Do not forget that they are experts in creating content and already know how to speak to their audience. So when you collaborate, pitch them your ideas and oversee their work without taking away their creative freedom. So your audience will not feel that they are being forced to sell a product.
  • Make influencers fall in love with your product. If you have a good product and manage to convince the influencer of its good, his recommendations will be authentic.
  • Create good relationships with the influencers you work with. Your relationship with influencers must go beyond a one-off collaboration. If you get an influencer to become friends with your brand, his recommendations will be more sincere.

2. Get involved in creating the campaign and put a lot of creativity into it.

We know that. Must give influencers creative freedom, but that does not mean that we leave ALL the work to them.

One of the biggest mistakes often made in this type of marketing is expecting influencers to take care of everything.

Remember that you are not buying advertising space; you are creating collaborations. So, get involved in creating the campaign, propose creative strategies to the influencer, and help him execute them

Here are some ideas: 

  • Create a referral program with your influencer: How? Create a promotional code related to your influencer; this will help you grow. 
  • Contests never fail: Propose the influencer to run a game on social networks to achieve a greater connection with the audience. 
  • Stay up to date on trends: If you manage to align your campaign with trending topics, you will reach many more people. For that, you must be very attentive to trends and propose ideas to the influencers who are collaborating with you so that they join those trends. 
  • Do unexpected things: Creativity has no limits, and the more creative your influencer marketing campaign is, the more impact you will achieve. So, before looking for an influencer, think of ideas that will make you stand out from the rest of the brands. 

3. Keep your influencer motivated. 

Money is not everything, my friend.

So don’t expect to get a good collaboration with an influencer just because you’re paying them. You have to create a good relationship and motivate your influencer so that he wants to be part of your brand. 

How to motivate an influencer? Well, it’s very simple, we all want the same thing: they recognize our work and treat us well

  • Create a friendly relationship with your influencer and let him know that you are not only interested in him for work reasons. Try to maintain your relationships with the influencers even when the campaign has ended. Take an interest in them, greet them on their birthday, and congratulate them when they achieve personal achievements. 
  • Let them know that you recognize that they are doing a good job. You can do it with something as simple as congratulations, or you can go a little further and give them a small detail to thank them for their commitment to your brand. 
  • Give them VIP experiences. Always remind influencers that they are important to your brand, so treat them like VIP clients: invite them to your events, give them priority in your product launches, etc.
  • Turn them into ambassadors of your brand. For influencers, status is very important, and recognizing them with titles like brand ambassadors or “official product tester” makes a difference. So, when you achieve a stable relationship with an influencer, make sure to validate their status. 
  • Pay them fairly. Although not everything is money, fair financial compensation guarantees a good working relationship.

4. Measure the results of your influencer marketing strategies 

Analytics help us improve our strategies and see what is working and what we can improve.

At Oink, we don’t stop telling you: measure your results!

In the case of influencer marketing, analytics will show us if we are choosing the right strategy and if the influencer we chose is reaching the audience, we need. 

What are the key metrics in influencer marketing?


Generally, when we do influencer marketing, the goal is to give the brand visibilityreach more people and thus grow our brand ( and get conversions, many conversions, obviously ).  

For that, we recommend you take into account these KPIs.

  • Impressions: Look at how many people you reached with your message.
  • CRT: Measures how many people who saw the campaign’s content clicked on the link.
  • You can also analyze the new followers and the increase in your sales, which, although not necessarily related, should benefit from good influencer campaigns. 


In conclusion, Influencer Marketing is a top trend, especially when increasing your visibility. And the key to achieving the best results is to create authentic and quality collaborations

Have you already successful Influencer marketing campaign? Tell me how it went.

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