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5 Best tricks How To Optimize SEO On Your Instagram Account

Can you really position yourself in a social network? Or is it another one of those unsubstantiated theories going viral on the internet?

In these times, one no longer knows what to believe.

I don’t know what else we will see this year, maybe the next thing will be an alien attack, and the truth is that I wouldn’t be surprised. What I am sure of is that SEO on Instagram posts is a reality.

In fact, the platform is about to give more importance.

In this post about tricks, I already told you something. Still, suppose you want to know how to optimize SEO on your Instagram account and thus increase organic reach in today’s article. In that case, I will detail it step by step.

And if you are curious about the new SEO (search engine optimization) functionality that the platform is about to incorporate and that it is already testing in other countries, stay until the end ;).

Open your eyes wide; let’s start!

1. SEO trick on Instagram #1: the profile

Imagine that you want to find a comfortable chair that is fit for work. You go to the Google search engine, write “office chair,” and the best-positioned pages appear.

The Instagram search engine works the same.

Let’s continue with the example of the chair. You see so many options on Google that you get confused and decide to “bug” which chairs are thriving on social networks, in this case, Instagram. You go to the explore section and type “office chair.”

 Instagram has not randomly placed those profiles in the first position.

According to this social network, the search results depend on several factors, such as the people you follow and the content you interact with… And also the keywords!

This is why you must optimize your Instagram account for the search engine .

This is achieved by choosing the keyword with which you want to position yourself and adding it in:

  • The name of the bio and the username (although the latter is not so important). The username is the one you set when creating the account, and it goes with the “@. ” The name of the bio is the one that you can modify from “edit profile.”
  • The description of the biography.

Let’s see it with a couple of examples.

When we have previously searched for “digital marketing,” this is one of the accounts that is currently best positioned:

Instagram profile of @rankinggoal

As you can see, it includes the keyword in the username (@rankinggoal ) and in the name of the bio (“digital marketing company“). In the description, it also returns to mention keywords of the sector.

On the other hand, we have another example of a well-positioned “graphic design” account:

In that case, it is well-positioned because both the name of the biography and the description are optimized.

In addition, it provides general information about what your account is about and what Instagram likes.

2. SEO trick on Instagram # 2: the text of a publication

While before we talked about the search engine, now we talk about the explore section.

It’s from here:

Explore the section on Instagram.

If you compare your section with that of a friend of yours, the posts that appear will be entirely different for both of you.

The Instagram algorithm is constantly learning from your activity. For this reason, it shows you the content that may interest you the most as a single user based on your behavior on the platform.

It’s a little scary, but that’s why your explore section is an assortment of marketing content, memes, and kitty photos (or at least mine).

In addition, it is good news because it leads us to ask ourselves the following: on what parameters does Instagram base itself to determine that a publication is related to a specific theme?

It is seen that the platform, using its artificial intelligence (which grows at the speed of light, by the way), scans the text, evaluates the content, and detects keywords.

That is why it is important that you “make it easy for them” and write a descriptive text in all your publications.

Take a look at this example of the text from one of our posts where we talked about SEO copywriting:

Text from a post that improves rankings.

We tell what the publication is about it, and we also add several keywords related to that topic.

3. SEO trick on Instagram #3: relevant hashtags

Using hashtags as keywords is one of the most effective ways to increase organic reach.

At least for now.

You can write up to 30 in a post and 10 in stories. Of course, with a head; otherwise, the platform can penalize you.

The important thing is that they are quality hashtags. You adapt them to the content and analyze their behavior.

A good hashtag strategy can make someone interested in a specific topic see your content even if they have not interacted with you before.

This is an example of that:

Associated with the hashtag #soycopywriter. Take it now!

A person following the hashtag #soycopywriter came across one of our posts in which we had used it.

4. Instagram SEO Trick #4: Alt Text

The goal of any alternative text is to describe the content to people with vision problems.

But the truth is that this description also helps Instagram to relate your content to a specific theme, thus improving your positioning.

So even if it takes you a couple more minutes, you should add it to all your posts.

This is what you have to do to add Instagram Alt text to an Instagram post before uploading it. Go to “advanced settings” before sharing the post:

Advanced settings in the post menu

Then, at the bottom, in “accessibility,” click on “write the alternative text”:

Option to write alt text from accessibility

Ready! You can now report it:

Here you can write the alt text directly

You can also add the alt text to a post you’ve already uploaded.

Go to the publication that it is, click on the three dots located at the top right of the image, and press “edit”:

Option to edit directly from a post.

The “edit alt text” option will appear on the post:

The opportunity to edit the alternative text will be activated

5. Instagram SEO Trick #5: Tags and Mentions

Now you know how to optimize your account and content to improve your positioning and reach on Instagram.

But there is one more trick that the platform talks about: tags and mentions.

Having other people share your account with their followers, either in a story or post, is a net inflow of traffic to your account.

Example of a tag that improves SEO (search engine optimization) on Instagram posts

And this works just like external links in the positioning of a web page.

The more people point to your profile, the more traffic will come, and your position will be better.

Something you have to take into account in your strategy without a doubt!

Finally, the latest SEO update on Instagram

We have reached the long-awaited end.

The update has revolutionized Instagram SEO, highlighting the speed at which the platform’s artificial intelligence is advancing.

Keyword search has arrived on Instagram.

In fact, it is already available in 6 countries, including the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

If you have stayed the same, let me quickly explain what it consists of.

Imagine that you are interested in luxury cars (yes, from the example of the chair to this, there is a big step, but the occasion deserves it). You go to the search engine and write that keyword.

As before, we see a list of the best-positioned accounts, the hashtag, and a location:

Positioning ranking on Instagram for the keyword “digital marketing company.”

If what we want is to take a general look at the best luxury car publications, we would have to press the hashtag option #luxurycars, and we would see something like this:

Explore the section for “digital marketing company.”

It is basically a collection of featured posts that have used that hashtag.

With a keyword search bar on Instagram, we can access a greater variety of content, better segmented and more efficient.

We write “digital marketing company” in the search engine, and we find this:

This is what the latest SEO update looks like on Instagram

Here Instagram directly suggests some related keywords. Suppose we click on the first option, which we are looking for. In that case, we arrive at the explore menu with all the publications related to digital marketing companies:

Posts ranked for the keyword “digital marketing company.”

We now see a selection of the featured, best-targeted posts and even related keyword suggestions.

Instagram is no longer just based on hashtags. Now examine all the information the publication gives you (the image or infographic, the description, the Alt text, and the hashtags) to catalog it in a specific theme.

This is good news because it will increase your chances of being found.

And on the other hand, it is more important to work the social media strategy with SEO incorporated, especially for Instagram.

Before saying goodbye, I propose an exercise.

In what position is your account when you write the keyword of your sector in the Instagram search engine? Are you on the list?

And if you write the primary hashtag of your sector, do you appear in the explore menu?

It is a good recognition and evaluation exercise.

When SEO on Instagram, your goal is to appear in the first position.

And remember, take advantage of the update benefits to get it.

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