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How to create a page on Facebook to sell in 5 steps

Many wonder how to create a page on Facebook to sell and if it makes sense to have this channel. If you identified that your target audience is on this social network, don’t hesitate! Having a fan page will allow you to create a community and get new customers.

Why create a page and not a common profile?

There are multiple advantages of having a Facebook page to sell over a common profile. Here I explain some of the main reasons to create your Page on this social network.

  1. They offer many more possibilities for brands.
  2. You will be following one of the Facebook rules
  3. Your number of followers will be unlimited.
  4. Users are already used to following company pages.

Let me explain each point in a little more detail.

1. They offer many more possibilities for brands

From advertising and marketing equipment to information to degree and screen results.

 All these elements will become evaluation and measurement methods for your business, and you will not have them available as a common profile.

2. You will be following one of the Facebook rules

One of Facebook’s rules for using the platform is that precisely the creation of profiles is exclusive to users. At the same time, brands had to build pages to have a presence on this social network.

3. Your number of followers will be unlimited

You can have up to 5 thousand friends in a personal profile, an issue that limits your business if you want more people to know it. For their part, fan pages have an unlimited number of followers, making your brand known and followed by millions of users.

4. Users are already used to following company pages

On Facebook, users tend to follow company pages and not send friend requests for this purpose precisely because these are two different modes of interaction between other entities within the social network.

How to create a page on Facebook to sell?

Now that the reasons for making a fan page for your business are clearer, let’s see how to create a Facebook page to sell. To start, you must enter the Main Page of the social network and follow these instructions:

  1. Select “Create a page.”
  2. Detail the name of your Page.
  3. Indicate the category of your Page.
  4. Add a description.
  5. Upload a profile photo and a cover photo.

I explain each of them in a little more detail and avoid doubts.

1. Select “Create a page.”

On the main Facebook page, under the “Pages” tab, you will find the “Create a page” button on the left.

2. Detail the name of your Page

Define the name of your Facebook page. It is super important that the title contains your brand and, if possible, its category so that your potential clients can quickly identify it.

For example, suppose your brand is Serendipity, and you sell earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. In that case, a Page name might be Serendipity Accessories.

In the panel on the right, you will find a preview of your fan page would look. Are we still seeing how to create a page on Facebook to sell?

3. Indicate the category of your Page

Choose a category that describes what type of business the Page represents. You can add up to three options.

4. Add a description

Here you have to include what your brand does, what products or services you offer, and, if you wish, the purpose of your Page. You have up to 255 characters to use in your description.

Then hit the “Create Page” button, and voila! Your Facebook page is now online. But beware! This does not end here; there is still one more step.

5. Upload a profile photo and a cover photo

Upload these photos from your computer or a URL. We recommend using a logo that helps users identify your Page in search results for your profile picture. For the cover image, we recommend using an image that represents the Page’s theme.

Press “Save” and, now yes, ready! You have created a Facebook page for your business. The next step will be to generate quality content for your followers.

Now that you know how to create a page on Facebook to sell

We recommend you take the time to see all the options available in the Information section. It is key to complete all the data because it will be easier for people to find you in the Facebook search engine.

Of course, consider that from now on, the fan page will need maintenance whether they are publications with a certain frequency, interactions with your audience, marketing actions, etc. You have everything to grow on your new site!

This will become an important communication channel with your audience to help you stay in touch and announce product launches, day closures, offers, giveaways, and much more. The options are endless!

For example, if you have a WhatsApp link where your customers can go, include it in the information on the Page! And if you haven’t created this link yet, here’s the tool you need:

Finally, we recommend promoting your online store on your new Page to drive more visits and, thus, make more sales!

In conclusion

Today it is impossible to think of a business that sells online and does not have a page on Facebook to sell. By having it, you will be able to capture new audiences possibly interested in your brand, your products, and your services. The job will be to keep growing the numbers, increase your radius of influence and get them to become frequent customers of your business. If possible!

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