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What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO Within the world of SEO, many strategies help websites climb in search results until they can reach the star places and attract more traffic and visibility. In these strategies, Black Hat SEO has stood out, which refers to unethical practices that help sites position themselves more quickly in Google; however, by detecting them, this search engine can penalize the site and bring down the positioning achieved.

Black Hat SEO is a profitable and attractive strategy for many agencies. For a client who wants to position himself very quickly, even in a matter of days, it is even more so to use tricks that ensure search engines reward the website with the most valuable spots without having to wait like other sites that take time to position themselves because they strictly follow the rules.

WHY Is This Type Of SEO Still Being Done?

The process of optimizing a website to position it in search engines is very long. Usually, it requires the analysis of factors such as keywords, bounce rate, and loading speed time, among many others that we have mentioned. In this blog, professionals must do that. On the other hand, Black Hat strategies are usually carried out generically to trick robots, algorithms, and users who visit the website. That is precisely why they dislike search engines so much.

There are two basic reasons not to fall into these practices:

  • Taking off a Black Hat brand is almost impossible. Once a site has been penalized, it is very difficult to remove the penalties; worse, your reputation is damaged. It can even be transferred to another site if the domain is registered in the same person’s name.
  • The user experience is usually very bad. One of the most important reasons to opt for SEO (search engine optimization )is site optimization, which includes design factors, site architecture, speed, and content that provide a pleasant experience for visitors (whether they are humans or robots); on the contrary, a non-optimized site is usually slow, not visible from mobile, unfriendly in reading, and other points that cause people to abandon it immediately.

Most websites used black hat strategies to attract traffic about a decade ago. For this reason, Google, and search engines in general, modified their algorithms to detect unethical, dangerous, and bad practices. Experience the people who enter the search engines every day to look for information and entertainment.

If you are thinking of hiring a better SEO agency in Patna, we recommend that you make sure that they do not carry out these black hat practices:

Paid Links


One of the most popular positioning strategies is link building, which can also bring quality traffic; Previously, the more links pointing to a website, the more authority it had. However, the quality of the link is more important: it is relevant, natural, and comes from a trusted site and with high authority.

Despite how punished they are, there are still sites that work as link farms, which sell these links to help to the position; however, being irrelevant, of low authority, and not trusted by Google, the search engine can determine that it is an activity to manipulate search engines.

You can use many tools for free to check that your site is not registered in link farms, as this could severely affect your site. In detecting negative links, contact the webmaster and request that they remove them.

Duplicate Content


We know that one of the activities that most favors positioning is content, but it is also one of the most difficult for website owners in general, which is why many tend to take content from others for their sites. However, the Panda algorithm detects this activity almost immediately and can cost your site a drop in rankings and traffic.

Tools like Plagium can help you detect content that has been duplicated. You can avoid uploading it to your website, or if it is already online, edit it to no longer appear in a similar way to the search engine. If your site has suffered from plagiarism, you can report the sites that have taken your content and thus avoid a penalty.

Keyword Stuffing


The abuse of keyword mentions should be avoided, as it is one of the most common Black Hat practices; also unnatural mentions, forced or out of context, so it is necessary to create content focused on keywords, but taking into account that it will be people who will read them.

Hidden Links

Another old-fashioned strategy is still widely used; hidden links are not visible to the user but visible to the search engine. They offer a negative experience and are an unethical and deceptive practice.

Misleading Content

Those titles in which they offer us secrets to become millionaires, miraculous recipes to lose weight in two days, or photographs of very attractive people in underwear, can motivate us to click on a link, but when accessing the site and not finding what we are looking for, causes us an annoyance, rather than a disappointment, so you should avoid these practices.

Redirects go hand in hand with this point: that practice where, when you click on a link, it takes you to a different site. This strategy aims to drive traffic to a website based on a very attractive title but offers different content and is very suspicious.

Private Blog Networks (PBNS)


It is a strategy similar to that of link farms: it is about using networks of blogs, which publish content from specific fields, to obtain links from sites with a certain authority. Although this strategy is more difficult for Google to detect, some points give them away, for example:

  • They have the same IP address
  • They are from the same owners
  • Share servers
  • They exchange links

Google has worked hard to penalize blog networks, although the previous points have helped detect these practices easily, so it is recommended not to opt for them, although it is an easy way to obtain a link.

Today, Google’s algorithms are more sophisticated than ever, making it the opportunity entrepreneurs have been waiting for to have a presence in the digital world. With the right help and positive practices, you can optimize your site so that search engines reward it and earn you the top spot, leading to more traffic, more visits, and more likely sales.

Contact us! In Optimization Online, we will help you reach the first places with positive practices that please the search engines.

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