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4 Best Tools to Download Videos From Instagram

Do you want to download videos from Instagram Online and not miss the contents of your favorite accounts? If you are here, I am sure that on some occasions, you have wanted to save specific files on your device (mobile, PC, or Mac) to view them later.

And it is that every day, more people discover what Instagram is and what its enormous potential is. As you find, the thousands of Apps and tools that a user has to improve the highest quality or apply filters and visual effects to their visual content.

This is one of the main reasons for this article: to help you download videos from Instagram online quickly and easily, both from your PC and your Mac.

Can I download videos from Instagram app without using tools?

No, you can’t anymore. Some time ago, it was possible to download manually through a series of commands and a combination of clicks on areas of your Timeline. Unfortunately, now we must help ourselves with external tools.

The classic trick began with right-clicking the clip itself and opening it in a new window to add the “Q” in the URL. If you do this, the new window will show you: “CAN NOT CONNECT.”

This makes us think that this manual functionality has blocked this platform itself. However, keep reading, as there are tools that can help us achieve what you came here for.

How can I download videos from Instagram Online or from PC or Mac?

Clarified this detail, let’s go now to see how to get hold of all the audiovisual content we want to share on this social network.

Follow these simple steps that you must perform within the Online tools that I will show you below.

And to make this tutorial more practical for you, I’ll take this content from my own account as an example:

1. Instawload

Instawload, it is a website, dedicated exclusively to be able to download all kinds of content from this social network: Instagram photos, videos of advertisements, and even other users’ Stories.

You can put your URL in the following box, and you do it directly from here.

The procedure is straightforward: if you are on your computer, simply copy the URL to your clipboard and paste it into the space provided for it on your platform.

In this case, in the image above, I provide you with a banner from where you can do it directly so that you save a step and everything is faster.

Once you click on the green “Download” button on Instawload, a window similar to the previous one will appear. You must again click on “Download.”

Depending on the Web browser and the computer you used (Mac/PC), another window opens with just the content. If so, you right-click and choose the “Save As…” option.

2. Downgram

Again, the Online tools to download Instagram video from a PC or Mac make it easy for us.

And it is that Downgram is another Web application to have them in just 3 clicks and save them in the folder of your computer that you want.

Similarly, suppose you need to have an image of this social network locally. In that case, you can also get it just by adding its exact URL to Downgram.

3. Insta Downloader

From the official page of Insta Downloader, which is very similar to the previous ones, you can also download videos from Instagram Online in 2 clicks.

Here you must also paste the link in question, click on “Download,” and then it will recognize the content.

At the bottom, you have again another « Download video » button that, when pressed, will open it in a new tab.

This is where, with the right button of your mouse, you must click on ” Save video as… “to obtain it in MP4 format.

4. Instagram Video Downloader

Obviously, just by looking at the name of this tool, we understand what it is for.

But not only is the name what is intuitive, but just by entering its page, you will be able to intuit how it works: paste the URL of the multimedia file you want to obtain and click on « Download MP4 «.

Also, knowing that this is the extension in which you can later view the clips, you ensure that they are compatible with any device on which you play them locally.

How to download videos from “Instagram Stories” Online easily?

Once you have seen the different tools that can be used to get all the audiovisual content instantly, I remind you that we must also remember the Stories. And it is that this functionality since it came out has been “the queen” of this platform.

Therefore, here are some of the pages with which to get the stories of your own account and those of other contacts:


Instaview is a very excellent visual platform. In the section enabled for it, you just have to paste the account URL from which you want to download its Stories.

This detail is important to emphasize since, as you well know, Instagram stories do not have their own URL.

Suppose you don’t want to complicate yourself by copying the complete Web address. In that case, you can also enter the account’s username. The tool will automatically recognize your identity if you have uploaded any Storie in the last 24 hours.

Clarified this, we must distinguish 2 possible situations in Instaview:

First: if the account has shared any Storie:

Then, as a result, you will see an image like the one I show you, whereby clicking on “Download Now,” you can directly download it to your local disk and also hit “Play” and reproduce it in its entirety:

Second: if in the last 24 hours, the account has not shared stories:

In this case, the app will recognize the user, but if you click “Download,” you will see an error message like this:

The account you have entered does not currently have stories in the report.

More descriptive and intuitive impossible!


Even though this tool does not have as many graphics as spectacular as the previous tool, it could be considered more complete.

And this is not only because StoriesIG allows you to download videos from your Instagram stories from the last 24 hours but also from all the stories published and archived in your account, even you can download instagram photos.

Suppose, like me, you have all your Stories separated into thematic folders. You can choose the one you want since it shows them that way, just by indicating your username.

What are the advantages of being able to download a video from Instagram Online?

Some of the motivations that can lead you to download this type of content from this platform may be the ones I will tell you about below.

And, if, by chance, you do it for another reason, I would love to know if you leave me a comment at the bottom of this article:

See later publications of your interest.

As happens to users who are curious or need to download them from Facebook, it may be that, like me, you are almost always too busy to spend too much time on this social network.

For this reason, while you scroll, you perceive that some content is interesting. You want to see it and analyze it more calmly; video downloading from Instagram Online to your mobile or PC can be a fantastic idea.

Download Instagram stories before they disappear.

By definition, we all know that Stories are “volatile” and temporary; after a short time (precisely 24 hours), they disappear, just like Snapchat initially did.

Therefore, if you see a video that, as I just mentioned in the previous point, you want to watch quietly at another time, downloading videos it could be the best option.

This characteristic is perhaps the great advantage and, at the same time, the significant disadvantage of this network. But it doesn’t matter, since the most effective solution is to keep locally and thus see as many times as you want.


As I have shown you in this article, insta video downloading is now possible. And also through procedures available to anyone.

You no longer have to deal with complicated tutorials, much less HTML code, to capture the clips you like from one of the most used social networks today by almost everyone on your computer, Mac, or mobile phone.

As I did in previous posts of this style, I can only advise you that you should always ” respect the copyright of the content when you decide to capture something that does not originally belong to you.

The reason is straightforward: these techniques are designed to be carried out from your own account if you want to recover those contents deleted by mistake on your computer or smartphone.

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