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11 Best Instagram Apps That You Cannot Miss

i’m going to prove it to you in this post by showing you 11 Best Instagram Apps That You Cannot Miss.

What would you take to a desert island?🏝

Pay attention to the data. A “modern” desert island where you had internet access.

I know what you’re thinking.


No, watching movies and series, you would not get bored.

But you wouldn’t earn enough to maintain the rent on your apartment in the city either.

Think of something valuable and profitable in the long run.

My answer as a Social Media Manager is clear to me: my phone.

It doesn’t take up space; it would allow me to keep in touch with my family, take photos of the island and, most importantly… continue working.

Because today with a mobile, you can do practically EVERYTHING.

And yes, you can also work as a community manager or social media manager from your phone.

Wait, before you start.

All the applications that I will talk about offer a free version that is quite powerful.

Obviously (almost) all of them have paid versions that extend their functionalities.

But to survive on a desert island (or in your professional career) with the free version.

Now yes, take paper and pen to write down that we are leaving.

1. Best Instagram apps to edit photos

First, let’s talk about next-level photo editing apps.

1. Lightroom

This photo editor belongs to the Adobe pack.

It’s a great photo editing tool.

And you know what they say about this brand. No one beats them when it comes to photo editing.

Well, Adobe Lightroom is a clear example of this.

You can retouch countless aspects of your photos in its application, including adjusting the light, color, detail, and optics.

In addition, there is a tool that I would like to highlight when it comes to taking advantage of it for Instagram.

You already know that something prevails in this visual social network: keeping the feed in harmony.

If your content strategy is based on uploading more original images than infographics, maintaining a balance is essential.

This is what I mean by balance:

Do you see that sense of uniformity that this feed conveys?

Well, it is achieved by always using the same presets.


Ok, the name is a bit scary.

But a preset is nothing more than a set of settings that can be applied at once, with a single click.

It is very similar to the filter we apply in the Instagram application when uploading a photo.

Only in Lightroom do you have the possibility to customize these presets to fit your brand or download them from an external platform.

In this way, you will get the images to look similar in your Instagram feed by the Instagram apps for photo editing in this application and consistently apply the same preset.

Extra tip: I recommend you follow the business accounts so you don’t miss any of their tutorials.

2. Snapseed

If you are looking for a more advanced photo editor to experiment with, Snapseed is for you.

In addition to the basic photo editing features. These photo editing tools offer cloning, glare filters, object removal, textures, and lighting effects.

If these words sound like Chinese to you, don’t worry.

The two applications that I have recommended are easy and intuitive.

I recommend that you download them and start experimenting with some photos.

It’s all a matter of practice and “getting the hang of it.” 😄

2. Instagram apps to edit videos

Let’s move on to Instagram’s winning format: video editing.

1. Inshot

It is my favorite video editor of all time.

A straightforward and intuitive app from which you can retouch (almost) all aspects of a video that you can imagine.

Add filters, text, transitions, music, stickers, speed changes…

Now that the video format is so fashionable on social networks, I recommend trying it.

If you are unsure where to start your reel strategy, I will tell you how to do it step by step in this post.

Do we follow?

3. Instagram Apps to generate content

We will see a list of tools to make your content creation process more accessible.

1. Canva

Yes, this platform surely you know.

But perhaps you had overlooked that they also have an application.

You can create infographics from scratch with just your phone.

I like the most about Canva because you can create any type of content for all the formats you can imagine (not only for social networks).

And the fact that it offers a wide variety of templates makes it a tool suitable for all audiences.

In addition, the platform does not stop updating and including new features.

For example, with the pro version, you can now connect your Instagram account with Canva and schedule the post as soon as you finish your design.

So yes, Canva is a must on your phone.

2. Layout

It is a super simplified version of Canva from which you can create the collages of a lifetime.

In fact, it is an application developed by Instagram.

Simply select your photos, choose how you want them distributed, and you’re done.

The app does its magic.

3. Swipemix

Has it ever happened to you that an image has not been squared when uploading a carousel, and you have had to delete it?

It has happened to me not once, not twice, not three… but quite a few times, and I don’t hide.

Well, with this application, this will not happen to you.

It allows you to create compositions of several images in a carousel through templates.

Then, you won’t have to worry about downloading the images separately. The app takes care of leaving everything threaded so that it fits when uploading it in a carousel format.

Dare to tell your story with this format. These compositions are in fashion.

4. PREVIEW: Planner for Instagram

Let’s see if this also sounds like you…

You start creating your weekly content. Everything is fine. First, you can guess how your next 3 posts will be published.

But, as you go along, you lose the thread and the visual notion.

Will these colors match? Am I repeating or following the same pattern?

Planning is the key.

And the best Instagram apps to preview how your feed will look is the one I recommend here.

It cannot be missing from your list.

4. Instagram Apps to Schedule and Post

Let’s go with a list of applications to make your life easier.

1. Business Suite

It is the official Facebook tool to manage your Facebook and Instagram page from a single panel.

And it is that from this application, you can organize, schedule, publish and control comments and private messages.

Has it all.

In fact, thanks to the latest update, you can now schedule Instagram stories for Instagram too.

And I attest that it works and is a BIG time saver.

2. Later

This application complements the previous one.

It allows you to schedule Instagram posts on the main social networks (InstagramFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.).

In addition, it focuses primarily on Instagram, offering advanced features for this social network.

For example, the ability to create a custom bio link and add links in Instagram posts and the option to automatically preview your feed as you schedule posts.

It’s worth taking a look at.

5. Instagram apps to consult metrics

For the final list of applications that could not be missing: statistics.

1. Instagram Statistics

From my point of view, there is currently no free application that can compete in terms of statistics with the own statistics panel that Instagram offers.

From Instagram Insights, you have access to all the statistics you need to evaluate the performance of your Instagram account.

In addition, it does not stop updating itself to inform us of more relevant and transparent data each time.

2. Trending hashtags by Statutory

The latter could not be missing from the list.

If you are stuck with your hashtag strategy, this app is for you.

Although in the free version, you have search limitations, this tool allows you to investigate and monitor hashtags, among other things.

In addition, it is constantly updated and includes more and more features.

Here is my list of necessary applications for Instagram.

Now I’m going to give you an example of the workflow.

I would follow these steps if I had to work from the desert island (applicable to work from anywhere, removing the palm trees).

I’d take a photo of the palm trees > I’d edit the image in Lightroom to add a tropical preset > I’d retouch the photo in Canva to add a catchphrase > I’d make sure it didn’t clash in the feed with Preview > I’d look for hashtags in Statutory > I’d schedule the post on Business Facebook Suite > With the work done, I would take a bath in the crystal clear waters.

I recommend that you select the most necessary applications and try patiently to finally stay with the ones that really make your job easier.

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