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10 Benefits of SEO Positioning

Surely you have heard repeatedly that the key to success with your website is to work on SEO (search engine optimization) … They tell you about tools and advice and that you have to implement them as a basic rule, but do you really know the actual benefits of positioning are SEO?

The main advantage of SEO positioning is that its correct application will lead you to achieve the following essential objectives:

  • It will increase your visibility on the Internet.
  • It will exponentially increase the maximizing of organic traffic.
  • It will improve the conversion in sales, leads, or any objects that have been set.

In other posts, we have already explained that SEO (search engine optimization) encompasses a series of techniques and strategies executed on a web page. Organically, it appears in the first places of Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or YouTube.

Appearing from the second page in online search engines is condemned to not being seen. For this reason, companies decide to invest in SEO (search engine optimization). Through keywords, you can connect your published content with the virtual target audience interested in these products and services.

It looks great, don’t you think?

Now imagine that you want to hire a plumber in your area… How would you search? Indeed you write in Google “plumbers in India” (or the corresponding city or town). This is usually one of the most common ways to do it, and the idea is that if you are the plumber, you appear in the first place for the search results of that search.

However, SEO benefits are not limited to just appearing in the top positions of search engines; they will give you competitive advantages for your online and offline strategy.

But so that you have more clarity about the benefits of SEO positioning, I will list them one by one and describe them here.

1. Increase in traffic to your website

Your metrics will be more and more positive if you manage to be in the top three positions of the search engines because those positions attract more than 75% of the clicks.

And suppose we add to that the fact that less than 10% of users go to the second page of the search engine results pages and decide to do a new search. In that case, you can already imagine how important it will be to achieve your goals to be leading.

But this benefit does not come by itself.

The strategy must be established that involves keyword research, which is the same as the analysis of relevant keywords, which allows finding all the terms that your customers use to get the products and SEO services they are looking for and that are related to what you offer as an SEO company.

Furthermore, by implementing local SEO tools such as Google My Business, you will reach people close to you, become a reference in your region, and attract new clients who need and want to invest in your services.

One aspect to consider is that this type of positioning is much more effective if it is organic because potential customers do not stop to click on Google ads because they do not inspire confidence.

When drawing up the local SEO strategy, we must take into account certain aspects to work from the free Google My Business tool :

Location through Google Maps.

Optimization of the company file.

Keep the questions and answers of the users updated.

Encourage reviews to favor high-quality content.

Publish news, promotions, and offers.

Manage visual content to capture the user’s attention.

2. More profitability

SEO positioning is one of the most profitable ways to market your products and services.

We must start from that you should not invest anything for your website to appear organically on Google because it has no cost.

One of the most important differences between SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) is that you do not have to pay Google to appear in the search engine results with the former.

You only have to allocate what corresponds to the payment for the service of the SEO (search engine optimization) professional that you want to hire and what is derived to the creation of quality content that will be positioned. These will be costs that will remain stable without economic charges, regardless of the number of users that come to your website.

Only in the case of Google Ads campaigns is there a percentage that you must leave to Google for each click.

3. Long-term positioning

A great benefit of SEO positioning is that when you work on it, your website stays positioned until Google decides to change the algorithm. Your content becomes outdated, or there is a competitor with better content than your website. But with PPC(pay per click), from the moment the campaign period ends, your company stops appearing in search engines, and quality traffic will decrease.

If optimal SEO positioning is achieved, you regularly upload content that meets what is necessary to be efficient and perform regular maintenance. You will not be suddenly removed from the top of search engines.

4. Increased visibility of your brand

The formula is simple: If you are at the top of online search engines, users and potential customers of your products will have an excellent and positive impression of your brand.

The result?

You will be able to boost branding. At the same time, users will see your content, access the website, and consume your products or services more efficiently.

Keep in mind that trust is one of the values ​​you should work on the most from every point of view.

Regarding your digital presence, if you do not have a good position, users will infer that you are new or little known in the sector, that you do not have the reputation you expect, that you have little website traffic, and that you do not have the resources necessary to make an investment in (search engine optimization) SEO positioning.

And honestly, neither you nor anyone else wants them to have that impression of your project.

5. Increased conversions

Let there be no doubt: SEO positioning increases your conversions. This happens because it is not a tool with an objective limited to increasing traffic.

The key is to optimize each of the elements of your website that are related to the sales or conversion objectives, hence the importance of having an optimized web design.

I refer to aspects such as the product and service files with their well-crafted descriptions with the specific keywords and the pages the users who make the conversions access.

It is also essential that you dedicate the necessary time and effort to the sales funnel to convert people who do not know us into buyers and promoters of our project.

6. Improvement in the usability of the page

This aspect refers to how easy it is for users to navigate your website and interact with it. With a well-worked SEO architecture, you will achieve this so that it is amicable to make a purchase or register.

In addition to this, you will see significant changes in your results ratios in Google Analytics because users will spend much more time browsing your website, visiting more pages, and minimizing your bounce rate.

7. 24 hours a day to promote your website

Imagine promoting your website relentlessly 365 days a year. This is possible with SEO positioning as long as your pages are optimized for quality content, as we have already detailed, and with the appropriate follow-up to evaluate that everything is adjusted.

With everything under control, there is no reason for you to drop from the top positions in the search engines. Unlike Google Ads campaigns, if you opt for them, you will stop appearing in the results when you finish them.

8. Provide valuable content

With SEO tools, you will be able to know what users want and are looking for, and thus you will be able to offer them a piece tailored to their needs.


Through articles or blog posts that answer the questions those who browse the web have on a topic directly related to the products and services. And that is achieved by creating the best copy possible that will keep you close to and at the forefront of potential customers.

You must not forget to include the main keywords within the content, the title, the meta tags, and the images.

With this strategy, you will only be present in users’ lives when they need you, without appearing suddenly and invasively, as paid ads do that rarely translate into sales.

In this way, you will also position yourself with the respect and admiration of people through your valuable content without presenting yourself as just another seller.

9. Improvements in web loading times

How can you significantly reduce web load times?

  • Reducing the size and weight of embedded images.
  • Use correct image format for photographs.
  • Validating the code so that there are no errors.
  • Avoiding multiple redirects.
  • Processing all requests made to the server efficiently and quickly.

This is one of the benefits of SEO positioning that users value the most, especially when they browse with a mobile device, which helps them remember you when they want to do a search related to your sector because they already know that it is fast.

One of the most used online tools and free is PageSpeed ​​Insights, created by Google. But my favorites are GTMetrix.

Its operation is effortless since you only have to enter the URL of the page to be analyzed. It will automatically break down the diagnosis of the site and the actions to be taken to improve said localized errors.

The results obtained can be viewed for both mobile and computer performance.

10. Trained, specialized professionals in constant training

This is one of the few investments you will have to make for SEO positioning, and its great advantage is that you will have a team that will take care of everything.

Its objective is to establish the necessary strategies and provide planned responses so that you are at the top of the searches.

It also constantly monitors your website and the competition and is aware of every change made by the Google search algorithm and the best data monitoring tools that it interprets to discover and detect opportunities and threats.

Without a doubt, SEO positioning has many benefits that will become the keys to the success of your online business. Remember that it is profitable and will always be worth conquering Google results.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how SEO positioning can benefit your business. There are many ways that you can use SEO positioning to help promote your business, it’s simple to implement SEO positioning, and it’s effective! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at _. Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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