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Advantages Of Digital Advertising And PPC Campaigns

Have you ever wondered what PPC is? This is one of the many forms of digital advertising that you can use to rank your brand and reach more customers. It is a mode in which the advertiser pays when users click on the publication.

The value to pay is determined by a bid between advertisers, according to the keywords, the segmentation of the public to which the message is directed, and, of course, the platform’s policies on which the publication is made.

Next, we will explain the importance and advantages of implementing PPC campaigns in your digital marketing plan. In addition, we detail the types of PPC campaigns that you can create within Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and Twitter Ads, the leading platforms for advertising on the Internet.

We hope that this article will help you make the best decisions for your business, make the most of your budget and achieve an excellent return on your advertising investment. Go!

Importance Of PPC Campaigns 

For large companies, SMEs, and local businesses, it is pretty tricky to measure the impact of traditional campaigns on radio, television, and print. Imagine, for example, that you have 5,000 flyers printed; you hope they reach the same number of people. Truth? That way of advertising is like throwing darts in the air and expecting someone to bump into one and pay attention to you.

But remember, it’s a dart, so chances are people won’t feel comfortable and therefore won’t pay attention to your message. And it is very possible that you end up wasting your money.

While digital advertising allows you to reach users on the Internet with greater possibilities of interacting with your offer since they have particular interests, needs, and tastes. This means that before going out to advertise what you offer, you must know your target audience and define your profile, to speak to them clearly, directly, and in their own language.

In this way, you target a particular niche. You also zoom in or out within it to learn in detail the needs of your prospects to offer them a practical solution that captivates them and attracts them directly to your business.

According to Statista, in 2018, spending on digital advertising globally was above 283,000 million US dollars. And according to projections, in 2023, the figure could be above 517,000 million.  

So something must be right in the digital world. Would you like to have a result like that for your investment in digital advertising?

Some Advantages Of Digital Advertising And PPC Campaigns 


With digital advertising and the pay per click option, you have the following points in favor:  

  • You improve the visibility and exposure of your brand since your message reaches the type of people with the specific characteristics you want; you only pay when they show interest and click on the ad.
  • Your segmentation is much more detailed, which increases the possibility of getting more conversions.
  • You have absolute control of your budget since you pay for effective results that you can measure in real-time.
  • Possibly make adjustments to the campaign at any time for better results.

Platforms For Digital Advertising 


If we talk about Internet search engines, the main ones are Google, Yahoo, and Bing; they all offer the possibility of carrying out advertising guidelines through the pay-per-click method. As for the leading social networks in which you can advertise your products or services with PPC campaigns, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the most used.

Next, we will see the types of ads offered by the leading Internet platforms for digital advertising.

Google Ads

In case you didn’t know, Google takes nothing more nor less than 87.35% of the Internet search engine market, according to figures from Statista from January 2020.

The superpower of Google Ads lies in its algorithms, designed to capture demand traffic; that is, it makes your ad respond to users’ search intention, which means that the leads are of high quality. 

Google Ads allows for good segmentation, although not as detailed as can be done on Facebook. In addition, it offers a wide variety of campaign types, depending on the advertiser’s objectives.

The success of this search engine is that it provides a great variety in the combination of ads, campaigns, and formats to its advertisers, including ads on YouTube, in Google Play Store apps, and on the display network.

Google Ads works with a bidding system. The price per click is variable, depending on the demand or competition for the keywords in the ad. There are several bid strategies; you will always have the option to optimize your campaigns and, of course, to configure the conversions on your website or on a landing page.

This is to measure the results of each movement in terms of conversions and CPA or cost per acquisition or sale.

Facebook Ads


Have you ever heard that phrase that says: Facebook knows us more than we know ourselves? Well, it’s real, every piece of information you add to your Facebook and Instagram profiles (it’s the same advertising platform), such as your profession, the city you live in, places you visit, hobbies, and topics you’re passionate about, are for the platform, that’s how knows what kind of ads to show you, based on your tastes and interests.

This is called micro-segmentation; it is one of the most important features of this platform, allowing you to take advantage of the large number of users who enter Facebook and Instagram daily.

Definitely, the types of campaigns that are most relevant on Facebook are lead generation, messages through Messenger or WhatsApp, as well as traffic generation.

On the other hand, this platform allows you to measure the conversions of traffic campaigns through the Facebook Pixel, a tracking code that will help you set up remarketing campaigns, which are much more effective than those of the Google search network, and This allows advertisers to carry out an increasingly detailed segmentation, of the type of public they want to reach and the objective they want to achieve.

So as an advertiser, it is worth paying to reach exactly the market niche that interests you, get your goal, and only spend the money that corresponds to the clicks that your ad receives.

LinkedIn Ads

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This platform offers digital advertising in the following formats: text, video, image, and sponsored news. LinkedIn has more than 200 million users globally, of which 1.3 million are small companies and 4.2 million are executives or representatives of large companies.

This means that the great advantage of LinkedIn over other advertising platforms is that it knows the professional profile of users better than any other. That means that it is more formal than Facebook. It is ideal for promoting B2B-type services, especially when you reach users with particular high profiles.

You can also target your ad by location, company categories and names, job title, education level, gender, and age on LinkedIn. Depending on your budget, you can choose between PPC or pay-per-impression campaigns. Please note that LinkedIn Ads have an activation fee, and each ad is subject to review.  

Twitter Ads

Who would believe it? The little blue bird also offers three types of ads:

Promoted Tweets: They are used to increase your reach and ranking in the area of ​​your business. You should know that, on this platform, only 4 promoted tweets per day are shown to users to not feel harassed. This is also good for advertisers because it increases the possibility of attention to your offer.  

Promoted accounts: They increase followers and create a community around your brand. Your ad appears first in the timeline suggestions and invites you to click “Follow.”These ads are also used to improve brand ranking, invite downloads and encourage purchases of products or services.  

Promoted Trends: You pay to make your hashtag trend; that’s great to make your brand a Trending Topic for a specific segment of users. This ad allows you to reach more users in 24 hours, although it could be a bit expensive.

What Is The Best Platform To Create PPC Campaigns? 

As you can see, each of these platforms that offer digital advertising services has characteristics, specialties, and strengths that make them unique. 

Google Ads is ideal for responding to user search intent; Facebook Ads is the best option for good micro-segmentation and setting up remarketing campaigns. While LinkedIn Ads are suitable for establishing slightly more formal relationships and promoting B2B-type services. For its part, Twitter Ads can help you build a community for your brand, get more followers and become a trend in front of your target audience.

You already know if you want to promote your brand, attract potential customers, and increase sales, you must invest and take advantage of the incredible power of digital advertising

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