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Ranking Global is a team of dedicated professionals who endeavor to make online marketing a better place for both suppliers and consumers. Our effort is to create a platform for small and large businesses and startups to reach their potential customers or clients cost-effectively and measurably.

Digital marketing is the genesis of a new form of marketing whose reach is beyond comparison. Therefore loads of services are offered online. Print media, television, posters, and bills require much more money and resources. Ranking goal professionals design economic-friendly budgets for each of our clients and make sure we fulfill their every aspiration. ON the other hand, where thousands of similar products are offered online, we made sure our clients get the upper hand in Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, etc.

Most importantly, our online surveys will track the market response and crack our customers accordingly, ensuring that our efforts are not ineffective. Still, each ad is shown, and every click made results in productivity. “One for All” approach is debunked by our team during the making of marketing strategies; better segmentation and an extensive process are used to reach our respective consumers.

Thus with our effort, you will reach your potential customers quickly and in a short period. Also, we should keep in mind that over 500 million people own a smartphone, Pc, tabs, laptops, etc., and 90% of them use google as a search engine; therefore, having an online presence is quite important.

It’s always hard to write about yourself. I started the agency as an individual entrepreneur, and I know what difficulties business faces. Our work focuses on real needs in marketing, process automation, and finding areas for business growth. Our slogan, “we promote a business, not a website,” has long become a principle of work.

A personal brand imposes responsibility for what my employees do at all stages.

My task is to sell the competencies of specialists who can complete your outsourced marketing tasks with maximum immersion in your business. We will not become a professional in your business, but we know everything about your potential clients’ needs.

We provide various services – from marketing consultations to full-fledged digital promotion. Do you want to know how we can help you? Contact us, and I guarantee that we will become friends and solve your problem together.

The ranking goal is a full-cycle consulting company in Patna, which is ready to provide you with a wide range of services for creating, and promoting your website, consulting in Internet marketing, and much more.

In the Ranking goal corporate portfolio:

  • More than 3 years of work in the field of Internet marketing;
  • More than 50 successfully completed projects, as evidenced by grateful customer reviews and high search engine performance.

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By becoming our client, you:

  • receive monthly reports on the work carried out;
  • you have constant online access to statistics reflecting the result of labor;
  • get discounts on related services for your successful online business promotion;
  • communicate with any specialist who performs work on your project: from a designer to a copywriter;
  • You receive guarantees under the contract.

How do we do it?

We have a lot of cases from which we learned invaluable experiences for ourselves and our clients – positive emotions from communicating with us and, of course, profit from promotion. Take a look at all our cases for yourself!

Do you want the same result? Write to us! We will draw up detailed traffic and lead growth plans for your business. You can endlessly chase after fashionable perfectionism, but it is with us that they will always be told whether it will bring you profit and how quickly.