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7 best apps to grow on YouTube

Are you looking for best apps to grow on YouTube? Enter here and discover 7 of the best alternatives on the Internet

Since the existence of digital platforms, thousands of companies, organizations, and people have sought ways to take “shortcuts” to better numbers that catapult them to new opportunities, above all, thanks to the immense capacity of the Internet to generate income, create brands and turn anyone into a celebrity.

However, we all know that Internet shortcuts usually lead to trouble because no one likes a cheater.

For this reason, and to reach the numbers you dream of on YouTube and take your channel to the next level of views, likes, and comments, we will show you a list of 7 apps to grow on YouTube that cannot be missing from your strategy.

Before we start with our list, it is important to clarify something.

Importance of YouTube in your marketing strategy


YouTube has become one of the most recommended platforms for brands and companies looking to create a bond with their audience through interesting, informative, educational, and entertaining content.

Without a doubt, video is the king of formats, and YouTube is the largest platform globally in this regard. This opens up a universe of possibilities for anyone who wants to show what he knows, what he is capable of, or how he can entertain people through his videos.

If we take this to the field of brands, YouTube is a powerful tool to produce higher quality materials in numerous areas; either showing their products, talking about their benefits, teaching success stories, sharing experiences, and many other things.

That’s why you must use apps to grow on this site!

7 apps to grow on YouTube

As we recognize that you are seeking out apps to develop because of the great competitiveness inside this platform, we’ve indexed the nice options so that you can advantage subscribers, enhance your content material, and, of course, be capable of degree your degree effects to alter your strategies. Take note!

1. YouTube Creator

This app, designed by Google itself, is a solution created specifically to provide resources to channel owners and managers to improve videos, find the ideal audience, and help grow the profile.

In addition, it provides a section called ” Creator Academy,” where you will have at your disposal a large catalog of tutorials to improve what you are doing as a content creator and record and edit your videos to delight your audience.

Likewise, it has a help center to give you a hand if any technical problem arises during your loads or in the performance of your materials.

2. Tube mine

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This mobile app is an ideal tool for those looking to boost the growth of a channel’s followers.

We’re not talking about buying them but sharing your profile’s films with the community. The system is simple: you have to buy coins or watch videos from other creators to win, this will allow you to go up in views, and one or another who enjoys your materials will subscribe.

3. Tubular Insights

If what you are looking for is an app that enables you to build up and recognize the results of your channel, Tubular Insight is an appropriate and useful resource to research the facts generated on your videos, discover new hints, and understand tendencies that can help you create extra interest.

This company monitors all video content on various platforms globally, so you will be sure that the insights you have will be based on the reality of the Internet.

4. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is a device app and Chrome browser extension that allows you to “unlock” some hidden features of YouTube.

Thanks to it, you will be able to find everything you need to optimize your channel and control it in a differentiated way; for example, you will be able to:

perform SEO practices for YouTube;

search keywords;

manage video tags;

access analytics;

carry out Digital Marketing techniques ;

among many other possibilities.

5. YouTube Analytics


One of the best realities of YouTube is that the team in charge of this company, owned by Google, genuinely cares that creators have tools and apps at their fingertips to grow.

YouTube Analytics is another sign that the best way to improve the results of your videos is within the same platform, where you will have access to important metrics related to your channel, your videos, and content in real-time.

You will be able to see the reproductions, traffic sources, demographic information of your users, and many other things that will help you improve what you offer and how you offer it.

6. Super Chat

Super Chats is a clear and forceful response from YouTube to the needs of creators to improve the monetization of their channels.

Isn’t it true that one of the key goals of everyone or any firm who begins uploading material to the platform is to be able to live off of it eventually? There are Super Chats, a way to interact with users through live streaming, and they can buy credits to position messages in the chat so that the creator sees them and comments on them.

7. Hub Spot

HubSpot is one of the best Digital Marketing tools on the market, without a doubt, so much so that it also has an integration for YouTube where creators can manage their social campaigns, follow metrics or identify trends to take advantage of the waves of virality on the Internet.

With it, you can:

  • understand how your videos are performing;
  • compare YouTube’s strategies with other social networks;
  • integrate different applications and platforms;
  • have a reporting dashboard available;
  • and much more.

You already have it! 7 apps to grow on YouTube that cannot be missing from your Content Marketing strategies.

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